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At Righteous Garage Doors we strive to install the highest quality products at the best value. We are an authorized Midland Garage Door dealer, they are a North Dakota company. They have been manufacturing industry-leading residential and commercial overhead doors since 1978.
Check out some styles available below!

Long Recessed Panel

Enjoy the time-honored wood frame and panel design with mondernday efficiency and operation. These authentic looking steel doors will provide your home’s exterior with sophistication for years to come.

Righteous Garage Doors Spearfish SD Recessed Long Panel4.jpg

Short Carriage Panel

Midland’s Short Panel Carriage design brings a touch of elegance to any home. Its historical charm comes in several levels of strength — ThermoGuard™, ThermoSteel™ or Series 24

Righteous Garage Doors Spearfish SD Short Carriage2.jpeg

Long Carriage Panel

Put a modern twist on a look of yesteryear with Midland’s Long Panel Carriage garage door. By removing the center stile from our Carriage Panel design, you’re left with the clean, classy appearance of longer panels but with a hint of the historical feel you desire.

Righteous Garage Doors Spearfish SD Long Carriage4.jpeg

Raised Steel Panel

As each year passes, Midland’s Raised Steel Panel garage door remains the most popular design for homeowners. It gives a simple, timeless look that can be easily personalized for your home by choosing a window option and customizing the color.

Righteous Garage Doors Spearfish SD Raised Panel 3.jpg

Ranch Panel

Midland’s time-honored Ranch Panel design blends well with any style. Its simple, long-panel pattern offers a clean and distinctive look that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Righteous Garage Doors Spearfish SD Ranch Panel2.jpeg

Classic Panel

Elegance and distinctive style — those qualities define Midland’s Classic Panel garage door. The door’s small vertical panels add a touch of colonial charm to any home. You get the proven performance of Midland’s steel garage doors with the distinctive, traditional look you’ve been wanting.

Righteous Garage Doors Spearfish SD Classic Panel3.jpg

Flush Panel

Midland’s Flush Steel Panel residential garage doors give homeowners a clean, modern look. The smooth front forms a canvas to add a variety of window selections and color choices that personalize the minimalist design.

Righteous Garage Doors Spearfish SD Flush Panel15.jpg

FullView Stylist

Make a dramatic statement with our ultra modern glass and aluminum garage door. This modern look is taken to another level with our FullView “Stylist” Models. Offered in “Lite” and “XL”, these doors utilize horizontal glass with minimal stiles.

Righteous Garage Doors Spearfish SD Fullview Stylist.jpeg


We know first impressions last, so that’s why we design stunning and high-quality garage doors. Midland’s FullView garage door gives homeowners a timeless and upscale look.

Righteous Garage Doors Spearfish SD Fullview10.jpg

Smooth and V-Groove

Our ThermoSteel™ Overlays give the classic look of real wood with the strength and energy efficiency of a steel door. Each door is meticulously handcrafted to your specifications by our skilled team. Charm will radiate from your home with Overlay doors.

Steel Overlay

This door leaves some of our Flush Panel steel door visible while accenting it with an overlay design. Choose from 20 overlay options or customize your own design to match your home.

Righteous Garage Doors Spearfish SD Steel Overlay4.jpg

Series 26 Ribbed

An affordable, reliable option for homes, apartment buildings or storage units. Rolled from 26-gauge pebble-grain steel, this door provides superior strength, durability, and low maintenance.

Righteous Garage Doors Spearfish SD Series 26 Ribbed2.jpeg
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